Mrs Steven Gifted Spiritualist

We have the power and capability to give you insightful answers and details in love, career and finances. We will advise you on the right path to take and guide you to your true destiny in life. We are very honest, upfront and loyal. We can help you figure out how to reach your goals and will make you aware of your weaknesses and strengths in life and reveal your true purpose. Once you know your true destination you can attain what you have always been searching for.

Everyone is concerned about a set of basic things in their life. These include love, career, health, children, family, creativity, and friends. These things are the foundation of a fulfilling life. The way to turn your life around is knowledge, knowing what to do is key! By getting a full life reading you will obtain the knowledge to where the problem is. This puts you in the driver's seat of your own life. Get a reading today for a clearer tomorrow!

Palm Reading: $20,00
Is a reading that focuses on your lines and impressions on your palms. These lines will indicate what type of person you are personally and spiritually. Tells you what qualities you have thats make you unique.

Tarot Card Reading: $50,00
Is a reading that will detail you on your love and career. Each card in this deck will tell me where are you going. Will give detailed answers that you are looking for. Help and guide you on the right path.

Crystal Ball Reading: $75.00
Crystal ball reading is a direct energy reading more indepth on people, places, dates, times and numbers. Programed from the sun tells you on life changes, upcoming career opportunity's and you can ask as many questions as you like.

Full Life Research Reading: $150.00
Is a full life reading. Will guide you on the right path in love, marriage, business, career, finance's, travel, health and happiness. Gets into your past life's will read your aura's tell you if there any blockages, negative energy or obstacles that are standing in your way and also you can ask as many question you like with this reading.